The Four Pillars

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There is a Teaching that was given many years ago that seems to have been lost and never really appreciated by students of the Ascended Masters.

This Teaching is being brought to light now and will be featured in a Zoom seminar on the Golden Pathway this coming Sunday.

The Ascended Masters have laid out very clearly a path for the students to walk upon. This path has clear and precise instructions for attaining the same Victory that the Masters themselves have achieved.

This path is known as the Path of the Rose Cross. This path is built on a foundation of information and exercises that the student must learn and master. This is in essence the science of Light.

The foundational material and the spiritual exercises are contained in four books which the Masters produced a number of years ago which are described as the “Four Pillars”.

These four books are:

1)  Studies of the Aura by Beloved Kuthumi

2) Studies in Alchemy by Beloved Saint Germain

3)  Intermediate Studies in Alchemy by Beloved Saint Germain

4)  Intermediate Studies of the Aura by Beloved Djwal Kul

I have charted these four books on the Cosmic Clock for your consideration.



These books are hard to find today and have been republished in two volumes that are available on Amazon.

These two new volumes contain the Four Pillars but are not named that way.

Today’s version looks like this.


You may purchase the Aura book here   Human Aura

You may purchase Alchemy book here   Science of Alchemy

Many of you will prefer the digital format. We have made this content available on a website that we built specifically for this purpose.

The Four Pillars may be read at this link  Four Pillars Site

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