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By developing a higher consciousness, you begin the process of reuniting with your I AM Presence. You are developing your relationship with your Higher Self, your inner teacher, guardian and dearest friend. Your Higher Self is your Real Self; the self you identify with today is just a tiny fraction of the mighty being that you are.

Your Upward Journey

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Embarking upon a path to higher consciousness will lead you on a spiritual journey! This journey is led by the saints and sages of East and West and ascended masters, who have, themselves, achieved higher consciousness.

What exactly is higher consciousness? It is an acceleration of awareness and perceptions in which you become one with your God-Self. Higher consciousness is a state of mind beyond your everyday knowing and understanding and mental activities. Rather, it is a condition of receiving inner guidance and direction, and you are in an inner attunement with your I AM Presence that draws to you everything you need to know and possess in life. This process is liberating to your soul.

Accessing More of Your Higher Self

Higher consciousness also means that more energy is flowing from the I AM Presence to you. If 100% of the energy of God-consciousness were to reach you, then you would essentially be the I AM Presence. Your Higher Self determines how much energy you can handle at any time, but this amount can be increased. At a certain point of increasing flow, your consciousness will be equivalent to your Higher Self, and that is when a person is considered a saint or a Christ or an unascended master.

Learning to harness universal energies can bring you into greater contact with your own Higher Self and help create positive change for yourself and the world around you. Physicist Albert Einstein noted that “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”1 Therefore, your journey will offer new solutions and thoughts for the old challenges and mysteries of life.

Everything is energy, so transformation takes place when you visualize and verbally affirm the positive results you seek. Life constantly acts to fulfill your spoken and unspoken desires as you apply the spiritual and practical knowledge that you will gain. Ancient traditions, as well as advanced science, will show you much about these possibilities for your transformation. See Your True Divine Self.


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