The Science of Light

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We are advised by Beloved Surya, who is a Buddha of cosmic attainment and known as the Sun God in Hindu tradition, to study the Science of Light. This can be seen in his Dictation titled, “Light” which is published in Pearls of Wisdom as Volume 49 Number 4 at this link  Beloved Surya_Vol 49 No 4

Now for the million dollar question.  Just how do we study LIGHT?

And the billion dollar answer is, “The Four Pillars“. These are four books of Ascended Master Dictations published by Summit Lighthouse.

View here  Science of LIGHT

For an overview and explanation of this material we have a 40 minute video tutorial for you.

Handouts for the presentation are archived at this link  Handouts – FOHAT

To study the Science of LIGHT contained in the Four Pillars we have built a website with all the content at this link.

For greater insight and deeper study please do not hesitate to contact us.

You may join us on Zoom any Saturday at 2 pm EST. Zoom Meeting ID is 854 6647 9736. No password needed.

God Speed on your journey into the LIGHT!


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