Beginners’ Class – 4 hours approx

Here you will find introductory teachings on and excerpts from the ascended masters. The lessons below are designed to share their understanding of our life from a cosmic viewpoint.

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The Ascended Masters are the saints of all religions who have realized their true identity in God, fulfilled their divine plan and moved into heavenly realms to provide greater service to life. The videos below introduce their past and present teachings which, taken as a whole, form a unifying foundation for  spiritual seekers in the age of Aquarius.

What is meant by the term Ascended demo?

Gustav Dore Angels

We’ll first look at the Bible, a common reference point for Spiritual Wisdom in western culture. We find that Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah who built the ark, was taken into Heaven. The Bible says that God “took him” in Genesis 5, and that he “walked with God.” Hebrews 11:5 says he “did not see death.” This is an example of the Ascension process.

Elijah in 2 Kings 11, “…Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.”

Jesus: in Luke 24:50-51 we read;

50 And he led them out as far as to Bethany, and he lifted up his hands, and blessed them.

51 And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven.

Clearly the Ascension is a rising process. I mean this both physically as in a direction opposite to the force of gravity, and also vibrationally, into a much faster frequency range which is beyond the physical spectrum in which our 5 senses operate.

For the serious student of “The Mysteries”, it is essential to investigate other cultures, traditions, spiritual systems, philosophies etc. I have been doing this for more than 40 years. We find that Buddha (Gautama) also Ascended. Was this any different from Krishna? Same for Zoroaster. Same for a few others whose names are not familiar to most people. What about the record of witness to Mothers Mary’s Assumption into Heaven?

Clearly, evidence exists which talks about Ascension as a process of rising into another location and also another condition of being. Truly the Ascension process makes one a permanent member of a higher frequency range which is often called Heaven.


What is meant by the term Master?

Ravine in Tibet backdrop

Truly a Master is a demonstrated expert, and more. I suggest that becoming a Master of anything indicates that your expertise has become so harmonious and graceful as a natural way of being, that your Mastery is obvious to all who are privileged to witness it. Who is more developed, an expert or a Master? I say a Master by far exceeds the attainment of the more common expert.

In the context of an Ascended Master I make the following assertion: The requirement of the Ascension process is the Self-Mastery of every impulse of energy issuing forth through the individual. When all energy being put out by the individual is expressing continuously the vibrations of Love, Peace, Harmony, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Control, Power, Victory, Opulence and other perfected expressions, then the demonstration of Mastery is self evident.

Other occurrences noticed by witnesses will often be demonstrations of Mastery over the elements. Such as levitation, teleportation, transmutation of substance, healing etc.

Who specifically are the Ascended Masters?

Photo of Helena Blavatski with ascended masters Kuthumi, El Morya and Saint Germain

We can name a few for sure as you have seen above. There are millions more in the Fraternity of Saints and Angels and Cosmic Beings known collectively as the “Great White Brotherhood”. The term White Brotherhood referring only to the intensity of purified White Light energy which surrounds them at all times. Ascended Masters have risen from all walks of life and have worn both female and male bodies in cultures wearing veils of flesh in all colors.

The Ascended Masters are truly the most capable and qualified teachers of humanity on this and other worlds. They have always been with us and remain accessible to this day.

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This is the same Saint Germain who worked with Helen Blavatsky in India in the mid 1800s and seen standing at her left shoulder in this most extraordinary photograph.

Who is Saint Germain?

Voltaire referred to him as, “The man who never dies, and who knows everything.” This incredible genius was a personal friend of King Louis the 15th, whose biography is well preserved. We present more than 100 years of his work in this short video.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the Teachings of the Ascended Masters to spiritual seekers in order to restore each soul’s one-on-one relationship with God, and to help them discover the limitless power of their inner self connected to God’s Light in the all of the chakras.

We’re so glad you’re here. Welcome!

Please see steps below….

1. Chart of the Presence

What is the Chart of the Presence?

This video goes into a clear explanation of the chart of the Presence, our spiritual anatomy. Not just the structure but also an outline of the function and energy flow into the chakras.


What is the Science of the Spoken Word?

Learn the power of the Spoken Word which is the source of all creation. “In the Beginning was the WORD!” We all have the power to co-create our reality with a Divine Design when we responsibly harness the Sacred Spoken Word.


What is the Violet Flame?

The Violet Flame of transmutation lifts the burden of karma and restores energy and matter to its original divine design. This is why you feel better when you use it. It is the 7th Ray aspect of the Light of God that Never Fails! Learn to invoke the Violet Flame as a daily practice and see what transformation occurs in you. 


What is the Tube of Light?

This force-field of Divine Protection may be invoked using the Science of the Spoken Word. When called into action the Tube of Light descends from the Heart of the I AM Presence and surrounds the physical form as a shower of Light.


The Causal Body & 7 Rays

The rainbow spheres surrounding the I AM Presence contain the storehouse of all perfected actions of the soul’s incarnations. These energies are stored according to type, based on the vibrational frequency of the aspect of the Light from which they originated. Learn here about the 7 major components of the White Light which is the Source energy from which we came.


The Electronic Belt

The Electronic Belt is the storehouse of all your misqualified energies, all errors and unbalanced karma of all previous embodiments. This forcefield of accumulated negative energy must be purified and restored to pristine condition in order to make your Ascension in the Light.


Three teachings that supplement our understanding

The Standard of the Divine Mother

Learn for the first time in great clarity how to think about how to live as God intended.

About the Pearls

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters are presented through Dictations which are delivered through the Anointed Messenger. These are recorded and later edited for clarity and transcribed to create a permanent library. Published as Pearls of Wisdom they are the “Daily Bread” of the devoted students of the Masters.

What is an Ascended Master Dictation?

The Messenger receives this prophecy through the power of the Holy Spirit in the manner of the ancient prophets. When the transmission is about to take place, entering a meditative state and attuning with the LORD God or his representative, the LORD’s presence or that of an ascended master, a cosmic being or an archangel comes upon the Messenger and the words and the light flow in a power and a personality that is not the Messenger’s.

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