Access the Power of Your Higher Self

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You’re invited on a sacred journey to higher consciousness, a path that raises up your inner awareness. As you explore a vast array of ancient and modern teachings on many aspects of spiritual and practical life, you will gain a greater mastery in accessing the power of your Higher Self. 

Come and Discover
the Great Divine Being that You Are!

Your True Divine Self

I AM Presence and Higher Self

You are more than your physical body. You are a combination of your I AM Presence, your Higher Self, and your physical self on the material plane. These three represent a complete picture of your Divine Self.

The chart of your Divine Self to the right shows both the physical and the spiritual parts of your complete self. The top figure is your I AM Presence (your spark of God), which sends life energy to your heart through the crystal cord, much like a spiritual umbilical cord.

The second figure is your Higher Self (sometimes called your ‘guardian angel’). The Higher Self acts as a step-down transformer of God’s energy and serves as a mediator between your human self and your God-Self. It is also known as the voice of your conscience.

chart of your real self, your divine presence

Your Physical Form in Matter

The I AM Presence and your Higher Self are focused in the planes of Spirit just above your physical form. A violet light, as seen in the aura of saints, surrounds your form as depicted at the bottom of this chart.

God sends His energy to you through the crystal cord to your body. When this energy is qualified by you in virtuous actions, thoughts, and feelings, it returns to God in rings of light around your I AM Presence. (See the  top figure) 

These concentric, spherical rings of light represent your treasures stored in heaven (Matthew 6:20). Each color corresponds to light emanations of God, seven rays of color.  These colors carry vibrational patterns corresponding to the specific qualities of God that each color represents. Click for image with labels.

What You Look Like Spiritually

The scientific community knows pretty much what we look like physically–muscle, tissue, organs, cells, blood, lymph. And of course, we know that that’s not all that we are, especially spiritually. But then what DO we look like? Our guides, the ascended masters, actually explain this for us. They are the saints and sages of East and West who have already mastered the upward path. This video explains.

Nicolas Roerich Painting

Take a Journey into Higher Consciousness

Follow in the footsteps of our elder brothers and sisters who walked the earth as saints and then ascended into the Light. These masters will lead you on a journey into higher consciousness.

Begin your journey today!

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Access the Power of Your Higher Self presents simple techniques that can help you develop a close, working relationship with Spirit – and experience the joy, peace, and empowerment that are your spiritual birthright.

When you are in tune with your Higher Self, you become more loving and sensitive to your own and others’ needs. You fulfill your life’s purpose and express your greatest creativity.

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