The Threefold Flame

by | Sep 3, 2023 | heart, meditations, study of light

Centered within the Secret Chamber of the Heart in what the Masters describe as a “Cosmic Interval,” is the Threefold Flame of Life which bursts forth as the anchor point of the “River of Light” which descends from the heart of the I AM Presence.

The three plumes, blue-yellow-pink are radiating their energies through the 12 petals of the heart chakra and expressing their qualities through the four elements fire-air-water-earth. In this way the pulsations of each plume do manifest in the four lower bodies of man as described by the 12 points of the Cosmic Clock.

Because of the various aspects of density in the electronic belt, these plumes have their radiation modulated by the impediments of the layers of karma which the chela must transmute. Thus it is easy to understand that the plumes of the threefold flame will be out of balance due to numerous embodiments of error, accumulating over time.

When the Threefold Flame is balanced, it then may spin on its anchor point, rotating at increasing speed until it becomes the Resurrection Flame. This is what all chelas should aspire to accomplish.

How then is the balancing action accomplished most effectively? A good starting point is the Decree 20.03, “Balance the Threefold Flame in Me“.

20.03 Balance the Threefold Flame

For a more powerful action there is a special set of Rituals provided by our Beloved Saint Germain known as the “Heart Meditations.” Heart Meditation One is a 90 minute Ritual for Keepers of the Flame and is powerful beyond what you might think possible. Heart Meditation Two is just over 3 hours and requires listening to a special 40 minute instruction before proceeding the first time.

Purchase can be made at Summit Lighthouse:

The importance of Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations cannot be overstated, they are in fact absolutely essential for all chelas on the Path. Two very important Dictations bring this point into focus quite strongly.

Saint Germain’s, “The Heart is Everything“, Vol 45 No 45 and Beloved Kuthumi’s “Mold Yourself in the Divine Design of Love“, Vol 45 No 22

The following video, The Science of Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations, provides a powerful explanation in much greater detail for you.


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